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KATAN Business Consulting

what we do

Our Services

Business Consulting

To succeed in today’s environment, businesses need to successfully navigate through increased complexity and volatility, drive operational efficiency and enable collaboration amidst constant change.

IT Solution & Consultancy

We know that it’s a daunting task to devise and implement a concise IT strategy aligned with business goals.

Social Media Management

We are not just a team who excel at Social Media Management! we can also offer some very effective and useful skills for a better digital presence.

Art of Designing

Designing services provided by KATAN support you to find the best creative, inspired and art direction solutions for your company and your products, extending from digital and experiential design.


What We Serve?

We provide an end-to-end management and consulting service to help companies to improve their performance and efficiency. We professionally provide business analysis and solutions creation, in return we help companies to achieve their goals.

Why Us?

Simply, we save your time and money. You may spend days on research before making business decisions. This can be very time-consuming and can delay decision-making. We have expertise and knowledge to provide you a strategic plan, guide you to make a right decision, teach and train your employees to grow your business efficiently.


Who We Are?

We are a business consulting group from Slemani - Kurdistan of Iraq. We are working with clients (companies) on business strategy, planning and problem solving. We help them to develop their business skills and knowledge. Also we guide them to design a business model and marketing plan, to determine which marketing techniques to use and how to use.
Our works

Our Projects

KUDC Organization System

It is a system designed in the quarantine era during the first quarter of 2020 for the process of controlling and granting authorization for those cars that belong to distribution companies, the system contains the data of almost 500 companies.

KUDC Cars Authorization System

It is a complete e-commerce system for managing the current process of distributing FMCG, this system will include Order Management System, Warehouse Management System, and Distribution Management System all in one system

Katan Online Marketing System

We are not just a team who excel at Social Media Management! we can also offer some very effective and useful skills for a better digital presence.

Katan Sales Pointing System

It is a scanning system for collecting all the information on sales points such as Malls, Supermarkets, Mini markets, Restaurants, and Pharmacies. This will help the distribution companies to have complete information about all sales points and get to their full contact info and locations on the map very easily.


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Slemani, Kurdistan of Iraq

Zargata, Midya Street, Apt. 10
[email protected]

+964 770 154 4877 | +964 770 247 8620

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